Do you consider yourself a Social Consumer, or someone interested in Ads with Benefits?
If yes, join the world’s first consumer friendly, Social Ads Platform and participate to claim deals or discounts from big brands. Be the first to participate in Product Launches and other exclusives.

Can I build my network and socialize while on Maapit?
Definitely, there’s an outstanding social segment dedicated to Mapping all the fun things you do, or want to try. It’s a natural way of preserving beautiful memories of places you visit, things you do, and achievements you accomplish. It’s also a way to enjoy global events with people from other cultures around the world in real-time. To Maap a cool spot; post a comment, attach a photo, include the address and watch the magic happen. Finally, you can time travel to revisit the past or save content for future generations. It’s an experience like no other; you have to try it to believe your eyes.

What’s In It for Me (WiiFM)?

1 Participate in meaningful global or national events
2 Promotions: get deals or rewards from brands
3 Memorialize your content and revisit the moment

Increase Social Points

The new trend is to Maap It and show off the social being you are, e.g. after-work bars, midweek clubbing and weekend getaways etc. Just in case you are wondering, we’re complete social animals at Maapit, but we manage to get the job done for you. As we say, live once, have a blast and Maap It all the time (Start accumulating social points, it may have a high value in the near future)

Start Mapping Places

• Are you about to, or did you just arrive from a cool city?
• Did you just eat a mouthwatering meal at a cool restaurant?
• Are you at, about to go, or just arrived from a baseball, football, basketball or soccer game etc?
• Are you at, about to go, or just arrived from a concert, art gallery, park, club, bar or theme park etc?

Start Mapping Events

Join us in celebrating local and global events, such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Earth Day, etc. Contribute by uploading photos and leave your social footprints in history for the next generation, or simply look back and share with friends and family.

Where Are You and What Are You Doing, Maapit Now!

How is it Different?

• Show off your Social Points.
• The more active you’re on the site, the more your pet cloud reveals a happier face.
• Socialize around context based events, activities or just socialize.
• Location Lovers: make your comments come alive with pictorial map, really cool.
• Get rewarded for participating in specific campaigns (first come first serve promotions)
• Experience global events differently e.g. New Year’s Eve, album releases, World Cup, Olympics, relevant social events and more.

Your Social Expression

Cloud Emotions change and reflect happier faces according to how social you are on Maapit.

A. Uploading content such as photos or videos shows an extra happy face.
B. To change your cloud’s facial expression from sad to upbeat, nurture it by logging in and spending quality time e.g. 35 minutes on the site.
C. Checking-In or Logging in, will reveal this facial expression
D. If you do not update your social status then the cloud will reveal this face about you

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