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What is Maapit?

Maapit is a place where members engage with brands and participate in fun nationwide or global events.

Brands lease the platform to engage consumers with immersive “Ads with Benefits Campaigns” such as product launches and other consumer events.

Our Story

It all started during the 2010 recession, we had an idea, and although it seemed like a great idea at the time we dreamt it up, we soon realized, proceeding would lead to spending tons of money on advertising just to get our name and product out there. After thinking long enough, we decided to shelve the idea until we could figure out a way to make it successful without a huge Ad budget. Since we were still pumped up, we decided to focus our energies on a new project. To begin, we asked three fundamental questions, why do great products fade away? Why are some great products not as successful as their winning counterparts? The conclusive answer we agreed upon was, those businesses didn’t connect with consumers emotionally and didn’t resonate beyond we’ve to Sell! Sell! Sell!. It’s definitely not a lack of expertise; they just lacked Brand Affection and good promotion, or simply couldn’t afford to advertise consistently. The third question was, is there a dedicated platform to launch a product globally on the web and celebrate global events? The answer was, and it’s still a resounding NO. So our light bulbs started to glow brighter, and we asked, what if we could create a premium Social Ads platform to offer consumers, and brands more value, in order for everyone to win. That’s how Maapit was born, this time, we made sure our new idea defied huge advertising budget. It’s ironic we ended up creating a Social Advertising Platform, considering the fact we just shelved an idea which required tons of advertising budget.

Social Consumers

It's natural, we enjoy using, or being associated with brand name products and services, but we're also dissatisfied when being tricked or bombarded with annoying Click Ads that follow us online. Although brand advertising has evolved over time to embrace new distribution channels and devices, a fundamental aspect remained unchanged. The issue; it is not as engaging, and has not evolved with current social standards. So we came up with a solution to reinvent and elevate the format to benefit consumers and brands.

Recognizing and Giving Back

99.9% of all social network content are generated by users, leading to the term user generated content (UGC). Given all that hard work, we brainstormed how to compensate users, checks would be nice but that will be spent really fast and we wouldn't have enough to pay everyone. However, the simple concept of (A) Social Points for everyone (B) Recognizing Social Influencers and (C) Creating a central point for Bloggers will be cool, a concept which leads to better coordination of personal and business efforts.

The Platform

It is created to connect people, map places and events, as well as display top quality visceral and immersive brand Ads that speak to one's inner emotions. We achieve this through our business process and the use of cutting edge technology to raise the bar.

Is Maapit an Acronym?

Marketing Advertising and Promotions via IT (Maapit) At its inception, we knew the platform would have several applications, e.g. serve consumers, brands and businesses in a new but highly effective way. The first meaning we attached to Maapit was to help put businesses, brand campaigns and events on the map. The full meaning emerged serendipitously; it was a surreal moment because the meaning matched the function and business process perfectly.

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